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TCU Questions

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I'm about to purchase a 2000 Passat Wagon with 136K

its a 2wd with the V6.

it has a transmission problem. I checked the fluid level and it is fine. the instrument cluster shows its in limp mode. I did a scan on the car and it came up with the code P1626.

i found the TCU and pulled it. It looks like hell. I'm not sure if its burned or not, but it looks like someone screwed with it before. it looks like coffee was spilled on it.

is there any write ups on cleaning and repairing the unit?

I can pick the car up for $750, fix the TCU and probably flip it to someone else at a large profit. the car is in relatively good shape, baring a new water pump and fixing the leaky valve covers.
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anyone? anyone?

Bueller, Bueller
You would be better off replacing the TCU. Make sure the numbers match.
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