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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has installed a EGT sensor on their passat. I have a 2001.5 v6 with a supercharger so I decided it is time for some way to monitor my EGT.

I was wondering if anyone has drilled directly into the stock headers or any piping right before the cat. I'm not sure if the stock piping is thick enough to drill and tap but I would have to assume it is? What is the risk if a few small metal shavings get into the exhaust piping before the cat? Anyone with any info on installing an EGT probe on a passat please feel free to leave some information/tips on placement and anything else that might be important to know. Thanks!

Side Note: I am not buying a kit, instead I am going to be buying just a egt probe off of amazon and wiring it up to my LCD boost gauge that I made (Using an Arduino):

I am adding multiple pages to the gauge;
page 1: Boost
page 2: Exhaust Gas Temp
page 3: Parking Assist
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