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I bought a 2010 Passat Diesel wagon in Melbourne and have recently shipped it back to NZ when we came hoe as we were very happy with its performance. Shortly after arriving here we received a notification of the Takata airbag recall in Australia. We contacted both VW Australia and VW NZ and have been told that as we boght the car in Australia and it was no longer there that the recall wasn't going to be honoured and furthermore asked us to provide details of when the car left Australia as they would take us off the recall list.

This to me is saying that they (VW) do not support the safety of their customers unless they are required to by legislation. Surely if the car is unsafe in Australia its going to be just as unsafe in NZ.

As we are about to update our vehicle we will be looking for a manufacturer that supports its products and customers worldwide.

Shame on VW for being so unsupportive.
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