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11 miles, 318 curves — Who Wants to Grab a Dragon by the Tail with Us?

Four or five beds open. Our house sleeps 7. Want to join R36Dreams and yours truly on Saturday 28 September? If three go, pillow tax is $85, if four then $65, five is $50. Add for your own gas, foodstuffs and beer.

We're jumping off from from Northern Virginia, departing early AM Saturday 28 September, returning late PM Sunday 29 September. But you can intercept us along the way, or just meet up with us in the area. The centerpiece: The Tail of the Dragon — 318 curves in 11 miles of one of the nation's most challenging and magical driving roads.

Elevation change too:

And for those not in the know, the Dam Overlook and the Fugitive Bridge are the very same featured in the Harrison Ford/Tommy Lee Jones action drama, "The Fugitive." Yes. it is that country.

The routes to and from for R36Dreams and me are TBD, but my/our early inclination is to run 29 south from a meet-up near James' house in Manassas through Charlottesville early morning on the 28th to pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway at Waynesboro. The BRP actually terminates some 400 miles later at a point only 25 miles NE of the TOTD in Cherokee, NC.

Any participants are welcome. If interest is steep, I will have to limit to first 4 additional drivers (James and I are already in) because we have 3BR (7 twin beds) 2BA rental house with a 30x50 garage/game room. Hopefully we can all secure CB radios or longer range handhelds to be able to thoroughly enjoy the BRP run from Waynesboro to Cherokee. Should be absolutely stunning this time of year. I will definitely be bringing the camera mount and HD handheld for the early Sunday morning circuits of the TOTD.

And since I have a stable to choose from, I am planning to run Betty on her RH 17x8 and sticky Bridgestone RE-11 rubber, but may elect for Sabine on 18x8 wheels from the S4 with Goodyear Eagle Sports so I have ultimate slot car handling. Either way, it will probably be the only time for Betty/Sabine that I am going to dial the PSS9s down to 1-2 outside a track circuit. :wrench:

Who's game to grab a dragon by the tail?

More information on TOTD here. :cool:

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