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Switch Blade Keys - No Mystery - Any info?

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I had a 99 1.8t a while ago. It came with switchblade keys. However, a 98 I just picked up has keys and remotes. Want to get that "Cool Factor" back. LOL

Anyone tell me how much they paid for the key? Do we know of a source that is cheaper than the dealer? Do they cut reputable keys - these are center cut.

I know its fairly easy to program the new remote... I was thinking of just buying the "key" half of the remote and using the old remote half of the switchblade. But, if its cheap Ill just go for the whole thing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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just get one from e-bay. make sure you getting on up to 2000 year model.
then fallow the Scuba2001 how-to in THIS LINK
I bought a switchblade (remote part) from another member for $25, but there are probably some on eBay. I ordered the key part from the dealer for $64. It's a master key that gets cut and shipped from NJ.

Cool factor acheived for $89. 8)
Yep, my "cool factor" was acheived for under $35. Cant beat that. I got 2 keys and such from the same guy on Ebay for about $60 for the two. Was well worth the hastle to "grind" the original keys a little to make them fit.
Steve - love to dive too. Wish you were closer - was using my gear in my swimming pool this weekend. Just for fun.

I have an old key from my 99 passat. I saved on of the switchblade keys So, with this article. YOUR THE MAN. I should be able to make it work.

Many thanks. Ill get back to you on the results.

If you ever get up to MA, NH, ME to dive let me know. I have 6 K worth of gear sitting most of the time. :sad:
NH VW Junky said:
If you ever get up to MA, NH, ME to dive let me know. I have 6 K worth of gear sitting most of the time. :sad:
Who said I dive? :???: Ever see the movie Big Daddy? Thats where I got the name from. Unfortunatly, I dont scuba dive at all.

Glad that my post can help you, let me know if you have any issues.

LOL - I do scuba dive and my name is Stephen. So, I have been Called Scuba Steve many times from some of my more annoying friends. I know the reference well.

You should try diving some time. If you like the water. Youll love it.

Again, thanks for the info. Im going to try it later. Me and my dremel have a date with a master key! :lol:
SWEET - Free Switchblade !!! Scuba your the man. I used your write up, a file and my Dremel. Took a switchblade key I had from my 99 and did it up.

Its damm near pefect. Programmed and ready to go... in fact its in my pocket right now. :bow:
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