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I didn't have any luck doing a search on this one, so . . .

Can someone clarify the torque settings for the new style sway bar links? Haynes specifies settings for both the ball-joint and the newer bushing type links on the A4. But only one setting is spelled out for the Passat.

I'd also like to know about anything else to look out for. I assume that the front end has to be jacked up on both sides to take the stress out of the sway bar? Any other input would be welcome!


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Original OE unit with ball joints Self-locking hex nut; 100 Nm

Updated bonded rubber links are 40 Nm plus an additional 90 (1/4 turn)

It is a LOT easier if you do this with the car resting on the ground or both sides jacked up otherwise you have load on the bar. In resting position is the easiest. I just took off the wheel and blocked under the controll arms at the hub and let the hub take the weight.
From the manual:

Bonded rubber mountings can only be twisted to a limited degree. Therefore, you should only tighten the bolted connections of the suspension links when the vehicle is standing on its wheels."

45 minutes total including R&R of wheels.
Good luck
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