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Hi all -

I recently purchased a 2009 Komfort in Reflex Silver and so far the car has been a blast to drive. My main focus for improvements will mainly be in the suspension, I'm coming from a 2001 530i with the sport suspension package and I'd like to make the VW a little more sporty and fun in the handling department (the engine is more than quick enough, all the fun for me comes from handling!)

I've been looking for lowering springs and came across front and rear springs for the factory Sport Suspension. The OEM Sport springs are quite a bit cheaper than something like a H&R Lowering Spring Set, would I get the same effect from using these as the aftermarket set?

I'm still trying to figure out some suspension info on this, I've done plenty of suspension work on the 530i but just replacing oem parts as maintenance and this will be my first time really modifying things. If anyone can point me to some general resources or guidelines for making these improvements I'd appreciate it!

Thanks everyone!
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