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Swapping 4MO tip trans center differential to a FWD setup?

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FWD car towed in looks like a disco ball in the trans pan. Lot's of metal flakes shining back at me. Front pump is whining like crazy and the trans was nearly full on fluid. I have my 4MO tip trans still in the garage and it does work. It looks like I can pull the center differential out and replace it with the cap from the back of the FWD trans. Has anyone actually tried this? Both cars are 01 B5 V6, so no issues with the TCM or wiring.

I expect the trans overheated from the bad pump and just pumped .5-1L out the overflow vent in top. Otherwise car is in great shape now that I have replaced the oil pan the tow truck driver was nice enough to put a large hole in with his tow chain.
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I don't know much about it, but if it can be fitted, you would need to use the gears (if usable) that transfer drive between the shafts, from the FWD trans.
I have heard of Audi guys welding the diff to make a Quattro rwd.

So I guess the same would work to make your tranny FWD.
Gears are not an issue as only the front differential would be used. No welding either, if it does not bolt on a used trans may be. I'll pull the back differential off and have a look. No rush as the owner had already bought a new car and wanted to keep this as a 2nd.
If you weld the center Torsen diff, then the back (driveshaft) end can not hook up to anything, and the front diff will work as normal.
I don't know what you are talking about welding to what, but if you stop one output shaft from turning the other will turn at twice normal speed.
Effectively changing the final drive ratio from about 4:1 to about 2:1.
I only am relaying what I have read, not done personally. So I just offer it as an idea.

If the Torsen itself is welded, then leaving one end (the rear in this case) disconnected will result in the other end (the front) driving.

I do not know about ratios, but people have welded torsens to make rwd audis.

Here's a thread. A4 1.8T RWD conversion...
No welding will be done as I do not weld. It will either work or not, I will see once I pull the center diff off of the old trans.
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