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So yes I know this has been talked about but bear with me..

After hours of reading forums I think I finally found my issue. After three days of rain and not driving the car, I got into it the other morning to find a rather damp passenger carpet (front). After checking plenum, cabin air filter seal, etc. I still didn't know what was happening. Poured water down front right sunroof drain and the majority of it was coming out of the correct place (the exit grommet thing) but then the occasional drip right onto carpet. Found that the drain is disconnected from exit grommet and now trying to figure out how to reconnect them. Such a tough spot to work in... thinking of very gently using needle nose to grab the tube and pull far enough to be able to reattach; might throw some silicone sealant and call it a day.

Just posting this cause everyone else says "it must be disconnected at the sunroof nipple itself" but then your headliner would be wet, not your floor! Glad to have found this after a rough few days (lol)..

If anybody has any advice for reattaching drain to nipple, I'd appreciate it!
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