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strut tower bar, rear and front sway bars

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i was considering to do one or all three of these mods. would doing all three be necessary and maybe overkill? or would a strut bar be the first mod? i do regular everyday driving but like to mix it up every so often.
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Do first shocks and springs, difference is huge. Myself, first installed strut bar than front and rear sways. In total all this did not change behaviour of car so much as it did shock/spring combo.
All those 3 are in range of 4-500 USD for that you have chance to buy shocks/springs or even some budget coilovers. Maybe is necessary to add 100$ over money you need for those 3 bars.
But result that you will get is not comparable
If you're not looking to do shocks and springs . . . do rear sway first, then strut tower bar. A front sway bar is pretty much not needed on these cars as they come with enough understeer from the factory.

The rear sway made a HUGE difference in the car's handling abilities and body roll was substantially reduced.

sorry, i forgot to mention that i do have neuspeed sport springs and bilstein's sports all around. i'm running them with mak energy 17's.
Two days after I took delivery of my B5, I had Bilstein Sports and Neuspeed SofSports installed. Big difference.

A few months later, I installed the Neuspeed 25mm rear sway and the A6 strut tower brace. These tightened up things and are the icing on the cake.
Then go with crew217 advise (if you are FWD)
I recently installed a 28mm Neuspeed rear (anti)sway bar and the Neuspeed lower tie-bar, combined with Koni adjustables and Neuspeed Sport springs.

I'm completely satisfied with the set-up, but just ordered a strut brace for good measure. :thumbup:

Car feels awesome at low and, errr, high speeds!


PS: did not go for the front sawy ar to avoid understeer.
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What is the difference in the 25-28 mm bars, and how do I decide which one would be best for me?
jaycevs said:
What is the difference in the 25-28 mm bars, and how do I decide which one would be best for me?
Torsional rigidity-stifness is different. Generally speaking biffier bar stiffer it is. But you have also solid bars and hollow ones. There is formula for calculating how fat it should be regarding how thick is other bar. This is in order to keep neutral behaviour of car or to enchance over/under steer depends what one preffer.
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