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I like OEM, not because it is awesome but because it keeps things simple. As I research adding a ipod kit for my 2004 double din monsoon, I'm considering wow with the new laws handsfree bluetooth would be nice also.

So that leads me to an after market double din stereo with blue tooth and atleast an aux port for ipod integration.

Most decent ipod kits I've seen are around $150. I'm figuring for a bit more I could end up with a new head unit that does atleast aux integration and maybe bluetooth hands free. Oh and I really want to keep my steering wheel controls working.

Lay on whatever advice you have for me.

Thanks guys.

You can have your cake and it it too, but you didn't give a budget? Bluetooth is now being integrated with at least the NAV units costing 500-1000+ and ipod interfacing, where the head unit displays song data and even video clips, is like $15 for the wire that completes "ipod readiness" (ex. KCA-iP301V cable).

For steering control, you'll be paying ~$150 for a couple deck of cards sized boxes that work with your car's CAN bus. With homework and money, its all goood.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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