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1998 1.8T..."Nebo"

more pictures can be seen at recently added

Mods List

APR 1.0 Bar Chip (91 Octane Program)
APR Snub Motor Mount
HKS SuperMegaFlow CAI w/ Airbox Mod
K03 Sport Turbo
Neuspeed SS Catback Exhaust
Stratmostphere Short Shifter
GoFastBits Hybrid Blow-off Valve
190 Degree Fan Switch & Thermostat

ECS Cross-Drilled & Slotted Rotors (Front & Rear)
Mintex Red Box Pads

H&R Springs
Bilstein Shocks
Rear O-Bar
Andy Transmission Bar

S2000 Stubby Antennae
Removed OEM Trunk Badges
Rear "Turbo" Badge
Painted Lowers
BBR Front Bumper
Smoked Side Markers
FK Smoked Angel Eyes
Smoked Corners
Painted Front VW Emblem
Custom Painted Adelaids
(custom painted by another member)

Tan Leather w/ Front Heated Seats
Momo Shift Knob
Autometer Dual A-Pillar Pod
Revo Technica Boost Gauge
Revo Technica Oil Pressure Gauge
OEM Euroswith

Future Mods
17" A4 Sport Wheels (which will be painted same color as current wheels)
HKS Type1 Turbo Timer
Tinted Tails (Not full black, but slight tint)
probably much more...but I'll worry about that later...

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i love it!!!! I also have a 99 in the same exact color!!!! isn't it a sweet color??:lol: I'm gonna start modding soon!!!! i love the painted wheels!!!! are those just stock?

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NIce ride man!!!!!
ive got exactly the same colour and hope to be modding it up,your officially my guide to makin my ride lookin UNIQUE! very few people mod up cars in this colour....

mind you,i might go for silver wheels rather than black,cuz im opting for the A8 style onez n u cant do them in black,but definitely the BLACK angel eyes!!!

i wuz jus wondering,how much is it lowered(can u tell me in mm plz:p )
and if i were to put 18s on that lowering,how'd it look?

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i'll be in knoxvegas next year, and hopefully my B5 will be equally modded, i'm going to UT...i live in johnson city right now. your the first tennessee person i've seen on the boards... just saying hello!

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Beautiful Car!

volmaniac lives in Mufreesboro. There's a couple more that live around Knoxville, but I can't recall their screen names right now.

I grew up in Chattanooga, and Knoxville is my college town. Great place.
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