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So I bought this used VW Passat 2013 from a guy a month ago. I did got the car inspected and the inspection report said that front control arm bushes need replacement as well as there is an error for the exhaust, could be due to technicians fault at the time of replacing air filter.
From day one, I have been feeling vibration in the wheel whenever the car passes 120kms speed.
I bought the control arm bushes and went to the wheel balancing guy and he said, bushes are perfectly fine and there is no need to replace them, instead get your brake pads and tires replaced...which I did, yet nothing has changed. I think the inspection report was right but before I shell out more money, I need some valuable advise and cost for the parts and replacement is expensive. What could be any other reason for this vibration.
Moreover, a part from vibrations, my rpms don't go beyond it related to the exhaust issue?
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