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Hei guys,
I live in Norway and recently my steering wheel got stuck with the error "Steering column lock defective".
The dashboard is dead and i only have a steering wheel icon in red color.
I tried tutorials from youtube about soldering the microswitches. it worked for a few days then it was dead again.
I tried soldering again but as i`m not an expert nor have proper tools, i messed the board up.
I then, turned to dealership which ordered a new steering lock module and tried to program it but they also "burned" the box.
Now, they say the box is on them but if i want the car to be fixed, i need them to buy the box again and the comfort module.
This will sum up to about 2000Euro and the value of the car is about the same. 2006 1.9tdi

My questions:
is there any way i can fix this myself?
will it work if i go to scrap and find identical car and remove comfort module and steering lock and mount them on my passat?
do i need something else?
Do they still need programming?
Do i need to swap the ECU also?
do i need the keys from the scrap car?
do i need the ignition box from the scrap car?
can anyone tell me the OEM part number for the 2006 passat 1.9tdi comfort control module?
Please help with as detailed instructions as possible on how i can do this myself.
Thank you.

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Long answer:
It will work if you go to a scrapyard and find an identical car with the same engine code and remove ECU, comfort module, steering lock and keys.
Mount them on your Passat.
It might also be necessary to change the mileage in to match your car’s mileage as the scrap most likely differs in that.
Although, since you don’t need to change the cluster, I don’t think it’s necessary.
(this can’t be done through VCDS (VAGCOM), it needs VAG Tacho or similar to do so.)

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