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This TPMS device for iPhone will show tire pressure and temperature on your iOS device like iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. Steelmate iPhone TPMS is new innovation product for vehicle security which could be installed by car owners. The wireless receiver is powered in cigarette lighter, no need to wire, signal is transmitted by bluetooth.

This TPMS8886 has four sensors, they come with extremely smart design - simple and light weight. It does not require tire balance before using, completely DIY installation, 10 minutes should be enough for everyone to install it. The batteries could be used for 3-5 years, and it is replaceable! You will feel comfortable to invest the money with the unique anti-theft design.

Note 3/21/13: this is the most popular item we ever had, sold very fast. Our stock is clear today, next limited stock will be available by Apr 1st. Pre-order is accepted with 5% discount (coupon code is 5off). Buy TPMS-8886 here!

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