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Starting a new daily driver project.

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I just picked up a 99 1.8T Passat to replace my 96 4th gen Maxima. I've had my Maxima for 12years and reaching the point of spending more than it's worth or move on. This is my second B5 I had a 02 V6 GLX, but it was the wifes car and was replaced after a few years.

The plans for this one are mild. Coilovers, wheels and tires, Tint, and some minor appearance mods. I have a friend who is a APR dealer so I'm sure it will end up with a tune and exhaust.

some pics of my Nissans
the daily

the toy

I do have a few questions, anyone know how much power a 5spd tip trans will hold? Whats the max width tire people are stuffing under B5s?
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