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Standard audio system OEM radio poor quality music problem

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I know that there could be something wrong with my radio because it was flooded before by a mold remover :lol: but everything dried out and radio works, but the quality of sound is very poor, basically, my tweeters works the way they should but main door speakers play in the same quality as tweeters
now is my question, is there some type of mini amplifier in my radio that died? :D or some fuse died? i just dont know what to think about it
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There is a 10amp fuse behind the radio - you could check that, but it sounds like your radio is bad. I believe (but may be wrong) if that 10 amp blows you wouldn't get any sound at all. You could, however, check the wiring and make sure all the speakers are working - but I doubt that would go at the same time - which leads back to the HU. With that said, eBay & other sources (chech classifieds in here) have the HU for pretty reasonable prices. Hope this helps...
Yeah I wasn't even set for radio to work at all and was looking for different unit. Just asked here to make sure that its not something easily fixable.
Check the fuse - but if they were were wet the wire harness behind the radio. Other than that...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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