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Squeakey sound from springs or dampers...???

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My 2003 GLS sedan has 26600 miles. Since about 17000 miles I have had Eibach springs and Koni (yellow) dampers. The Konis are adjusted to one-half turn from full soft at each corner.

Recently I have been driving w/o loud music and among the many previously unheard sounds made by my car, is a certain squeaky/groan that seems to be coming from the suspension. It occurs when I drive over bumpy surfaces at relatively low speeds. The squeaky groan seems to coincide with the the car's movement down and up with each bump. The sound can come from the from and the rear as each end passes over a bump.

Is this sound just a normal sound for Eibachs and/or Konis? My wife's 2003 variant which has stock suspension does not make this sound nor has any car I've ever before owned.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?

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Is it the fluid running thru the shocks ? That would be normal.
Control arms would only be heard on the front.
I just had the same sitiation, and it was a lower control arm, with the back of the car going over bumps the front would still have movement. Does it make noise when you get in or out of the car. In my situaion, it made the noise when I was under the car and pushed up on the bottom of the bumper. The ball joint turned easily in my hands once I removed it.

No noise when I get in or out of the car. I'll try pushing up on the bumper from underneath tomorrow a.m.
Control arms for me too, but my car is older...
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