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Catchy title ! Hope I got your attention on what is actually another of those annoying, what spacer size should I get ! But I have details !

Car : B5.5 Wagon
Suspension : FK Streetline coilovers, lowered pretty low
Wheels : 19X8 +45 on 4 corners
Tires : 225/35/19

Want :
Average aggressiveness. I want the wheels close to flush but I really don't want rubbing.

Photos to show how low (note that only rear suspension was installed on the pics, front stock suspension might fool the eye on the height) :

With all that being said, I am looking for a wheel guru to point me the right direction. I have next to no experience in passat fitment. I'm thinking 15 for front and maybe 20 for rear, but I think this might rub ... Maybe want 10fr-15rr ... Need help

Also, at what point do I need extended studs. I'm guessing i'll most likely need to get extended but still want to know.


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playing it safe go 10f/15r, it'd be close to rubbing on the fender with that tire size if you went any bigger...but I'd do 15f/20r!!

You need lugs that are 28mm+Spacer Size to get it right, Passat's don't have wheel studs.
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