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Southern Worthersee - 2012

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So, it's close to mid-February and it's time to start talking about shows coming up and since I didn't see one for SoWo yet, I thought I'd start a thread about it. So, who's going? I know I'll be going with a few others on this site here and I cannot wait. Figured I'd start this early so people can post up plans to meet, ride down together, where they are staying, etc.

I'll start, I'm heading down that Thursday prior and I will be staying at the Hampton Inn off Uncoi. Hopefully we can get more people for the site to come down and enjoy the show. I know last year I had a blast, especially on the mountain run. As the show gets closer, I'm sure we can exchange phone numbers so we can all meet up and try and get a group picture.

Anyways, here's a link for those who don't quite know what it is or what it's all about: Southern Worthersee - Bringing together VW cars and fans.

I hope to see you all there!
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Man......7 hours........I'd love to but that is a long haul.
x2, like 10.5 hours for me. We also might be too old:poke:
dammit, i just agreed to work that weekend :(

its only 16 hours, 960 miles :lol:
I want to go anyone from NY, NJ or CT coming?
x2, like 10.5 hours for me. We also might be too old:poke:
too old for Oktoberfest? nawwwww....
I want to go anyone from NY, NJ or CT coming?
was thinking about it. Im in belmar area.
Do I even need to say I'm going?

up on Thursday, 4 hour drive, been told I'm staying at Hampton Inn off Uncoi :lol:

Oh and Dan, Anna said we are all doing this this time :)

Our 5 car PW get together at sowo last year

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I can't believe I just found this thread. I was getting ready to start one, then I found this one!

I'm definitely going, but it looks like just me and the brother-in-law this time. At least I'll have someone with me that actually understands the madness. I haven't heard from Katie or Bruce in a while (except for talking to Bruce about some repairs I was working on), so I don't know if they're going, but I'm sure they are. Is Luke even around here anymore? I spoke with Monte the other day and now that he's working on his own, he can go depending on when some other things line up with his work. He really wants to meet up with us again, but we all know how work is...

Oh, I'm staying at the Ramada (Ram Limited).
Bumping it up, only another month and a half guys!
And one of us (if he can keep his wheels on the car) will be the lowest of our group. :D
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I know a bunch of the guys from panhandle dubs are going to head up there. I'm one of 2 passat guys in that group so i was thinking of heading up.
And one of us (if he can keep his wheels on the car) will be the lowest of our group. :D
And now the loudest...
I'm still around, I've just been working on my other car.

Who's gonna be the lowest? Static or Air?

I'm probably bringing both cars, if not I might not bring the passat :(
Depends how the road trip goes this weekend.

Also - I miss my lexus wheels sometimes. :(

But I like my AMG wheels.
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You're not low enough, Luke. You could roll a quarter under it!

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Oh. For sowo I'm gonna be low enough. I just haven't had time to mess with it.
I need shorter springs for the rear really bad. My rokkors don't have perches anymore. And that's as low as I can go.
I do believe I will be there! I'm new to the VW scene and this will be a good introduction.
I will be there. I have so much to do. And Das4motion needs to buy my wheels!!!
hmmmm, I might be able to make it. I have a show in Augusta GA on sat, but a 500 mile weekend wouldn't be that bad. I'm driving 6k miles at the end of june.

If you're going tubing I might drag my kayak along.
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