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Sound clip of B5.5 made by me!

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A while ago I mounted a small sticky microphone inside the engine compartment. I placed it near the air box, but it has since been removed. I ran the wire between the hood seal, through the door jam and into the car where it was plugged into a laptop :lol:. I then used windows sound recorder to make my own recording of the car; starting, accelerationg, and revving a bit in third gear as I drove on a DESERTED road. I have now hosted the sound file for the curious, I think it sounds pretty mean. Make sure to wear headphones or turn up the volume. Maybe it'll sound familiar to some of you :wink:

FYI, the car is a 2003 GLS 1.8t with Tiptronic, engine mods at the time of recording included an UPsolute 1.0Bar chip and nothing else. There have been additions since then :D

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what is the extension for this file, i cant get it to play :cry:
I am not sure what the extension is...I just used windows media player without problems. What are you using?

hehe, i like how at the 10 sec. point the turbo says "HELLO!" :wink:
Yes it really is the best part isn't it. Maybe some of the more technically inclined people here can help jeffsu with the problem, I don't know shit to say the least...

niiiice :lol: and it does sound familiar!
just right-click on the file, and then rename "engine" to "engine.wav".

Alternately Wapptor could just rename the file and relink.
Yes I'll do that ASAP
:thumbup: nice sound

you sure you don't have an exhaust?

at least a muffler?

never knew our lil turbo motor sounded like that. :lol:
Yes, beastly isn't it? :lol:

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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