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Something wicked this way comes....

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would it be VW....

could it be B5.5....

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so what is a point of this post??? :poke: :???:

I like the mirror pics. Have to take a shot of my car some day :)
it was just fun. no particular point.

Nice pictures! I like the oringality of composition. As far as I am concened, you don't need a "point" to post pictures of a Passat. Gosh knows that there are a lot of posts on this site that are pretty pointless.'

Well done!

XedoS69 said:
what camera do you have?
I have a Canon PowerShot S50 as my point-n-shoot camera. It is a great camera with a lot of the functions of a traditional Canon. The only down side is that the zoom isn't that great. That is why I have a 35mm Canon SLR with zoom lenses for. Eventually, I would like to upgrade my 35mm to a Canon digital SLR, but for now, will have to live. (Would consider other digital SLRs but I already have lenses for another Canon. Why have 2 sets of lenses?)

Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated.

nice pics
:thumbup: it is all about, I like it. Have same cam and same problem like you.
me like too... it made me all warm inside. :lol:

BTW, been very happy with a Canon 10D :thumbup: if you're considering a D-SLR.

nice shots,
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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