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Some Pics of the MAX

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Just some Pics of the Wifes ride. Wish I could get it to look as good as the Passat but she wont even let me lower it :crazy: But it still would never be as nice anyway!
Enjoy the few pics and yes I know all my cars are a Silver color :)

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Nice Jetta :lol:

Kidding... please don't beat me
Warped said:
But it still would never be as nice anyway!
True :thumbup:
not too many cars out there that look better then modded Passats IMO....especially with those tails those aint coming off...and even Jonboy cant help to make those look nice...LOL

But Maxs are exellent cars!

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Kiyoshi said:

The beater Coupe DeVille?
El Dorado!!!!
Some nice looking rides you have their. :thumbup: Aww the mories of those Eldos the things we used to do to these cars to make us look cool. :roll:
Sweet Passat, I like the Maxima too, I had always wanted one... Never owned one but I remember when a friend's dad got a nice one when we were in college, I loved it :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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