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So i'm driving into work today on the Hollywood 101 Freeway here in Los Angeles...and then all of a sudden i see a silver B5.5 with an S2000 Anten pass me and i'm like, WHOA, a modified B5.5? Is it possible? I NEVER see modefied B5s nor B5.5s unless i'm at a GTG. So i look closer wondering hmm... is it possible.....and IT IS!!!! :shock: The car had a red window sticker on it side!!!!!!!

Car specs that i could tell were, red sticker on driver side rear small window, s2k anten, 1.8(red)T badge on trunk, Reflective TInt all around and possible neuspeed lower on stock wheels?

I tried to look at the driver and say hello but i couldn't see through the tint :weirdo: I'm wondering if he noticed i was in a mod'd B5 or if i was just some looky loo on the freeway....

If your on here i spotted you around 8:45am this morning!

Needless to say nothing was exchange from either of us :oops:
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