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Hello folks,

First post!

We have settled on Passat to buy as the main car for my wife. She looked at Honda Accord EX-L, Hyundai and Nissan among others. Eliminating all of them, we are now considering which Passat to buy and how to get a good deal (runner up was Hyundai Sonata). We are located in Cleveland, OH, region.

We are considering two options in Passat 2012, the 2.5 SEL and the VR6, 3.5 SEL(?).

Could some good folks share their experience about OTD price that we should expect? IIRC, for 2.5 SEL, we have an offer of around 30.5K. I don't recall it for the 3.6 at the moment.

While we are at it, could experienced folks give their opinion regarding comparison of Hyundai Sonata and Passast 2012?

Finally, we have this little concern regarding maintenance of Passats (that was one of the contrasting points with Accord). Apparently, Passats are prone to demand more maintenance than Japanese cars and are also more expensive in that respect. Any feeling regarding how risky is this new model (2012) that is being made for the first time in the US?

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