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So today I got baited and switched!

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So my fiance and I have been looking for a Jetta TDi. We drive a crazy amount of miles and it would be worth it to buy a Jetta with the diesel engine. The cars are somewhat hard to come by and people seem to think they are made out of gold.

We finally found a car at a non-VW dealership and made some phone calls. I changed my work schedule as did my fiance' after finding out this particular dealer did in fact have a TDi. She asked at least four times if the car was a TDi. So after all this and battling two hours of traffic we made it to the dealership. As soon as I walked on the lot something was not right. The car had VR6 wheels on it which would be nice but not likely on a TDi.

Of course the car is a VR6 not a TDi, after all of that frickin' effort they didn't even have the car! I was furious! This was basically four to five hours of our time thrown out the window. The best answer the used car sales manager had was "it was a mistake in the ad", which would make sense....IF WE HAD NOT CALLED AND SPOKEN WITH TWO DIFFERENT EMPLOYEES TO VERIFY IT WAS A TDI!!!!

Oh but since I made the trip down, they did happen to have a VR6 Jetta. That just about made me go through the roof! When I called and said my main reason for buying a TDi was the gas mileage why would I want a gas guzzling VR6?! They had a sticker of $20,999 on the car and instantly offered to drop the price to $16,995. That's probably not a bad deal for a 2002 VR6 with 26K on it but I was really pissed at that point.

I made them fill up the gas tank in our car and we left. It's not like that was such a big loss for them since our current car only has a 14 gallon tank anyway. Sorry I just needed to vent people. Thanks for reading!

I'll post more about my TDi search frustrations later. :)
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Ouch, that sucks. I had those problems when I was looking for the Passat, and again when shopping for a car for my friend. :mad:

Sorry to hear this had to happen to you. Hope you were taking names and getting numbers :p
We definately were, the thing that really sucks is we gave them our number in case anything changed (like the car sold, or maybe if it all the sudden had a VR6 transplant). That way we could turn around instead of driving all the way up.
We have had some tdi's here in the past. You should just make the trip down.
That sucks. I had a similar experience at a local Volvo dealer. They had an S4 for a really great price. *During* the test drive, the salesman gets a call. After hanging up, he claims the car had just sold to someone who had seen the car earlier, then called back to buy. Of course, they did have the new Volvos in, so maybe I'd take a look at one of those?

Not likely.
Yeah that sucks, I was really pissed off about this deal. I looked up the KBB value on the VR6 car and retail book is $17000, yeah they were really giving me a deal there :roll:
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