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So I was given the keys to Euro spec '05 A6 4.2...

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Yes it's true. I was at Sonnen Motorcars in Marin getting my roof rack fixed and new side blinkers as mine were yellowed. The car was sitting outside with the guy who pulled up in it talking to a crowd. It was a burnt orange/black '05 A6 4.2. He was telling the salespersons about the car before they get their allocation this fall, but because US-spec production started only a week or two ago, it was a euro spec. Anyways, a saleswoman trying to get me to buy one (yes, car hasn't even come out yet and she's trying to sell me one, no thanks, and I doubt the 4.2 will cost "around 40k") asked the guy to give me the keys, so why not...
The exterior is nicer in person than in the pics, it looks pretty low and I have no clue where they will put the US plates. The interior is much nicer than it looks in the pics, much nicer. It had Audi I-drive, paddle shift, kph gagues, and the key goes into the dash instead of the steering column. The only issue I had was the swooping center console a-la-E36. It's really quiet and rides smoothly even fully loaded with humans, huge trunk too. It's a sweet car, nobody should bash it until they see it in person because it looks a ton better. That said it's nice but not nice enough to buy, maybe it'll grow on me.
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At least Audi has nice materials when BMW's design and materials are POS.
40k for the 4.2 engine? i dunno about that one. the MSRPl on the '04 3.0 is almost 40k. i think invoice on the 4.2 is around $45k.
yeah, the saleswoman's information was entirely incorrect, she also told me the wheels (those A8 wheels everyone wants) were 16"s.. :roll:
its a sales woman... what do you expect. two of the three women world wide are in this forum...
Same thing I said when I saw one in person Chuchinchilla :thumbup:
It's really quiet and rides smoothly even fully loaded with humans
LOL!! What else would it be loaded with? :lol:

Seriously thought, did you feel connected to the car? Did you feel bumps through the steering and did the brakes feel progressive as you applied more force? Reason I'm asking is because I drove the new E class and 5 series and both the braking and steering felt very artificial; like it was all drive by wire. Both previous models didn't behave this way.
Active steering is very artifical. Its also hard to predict the weight because it changes ratios quickly as you off-throttle, brake and throttle again. :thumbdow:
i love them, and i dont care what other think :suspicio:
40K and a trade in. You gonna bring it to the next GTG?
Always have a camera handy. Would've been better if you were able to take and share pics. But a nice experience nonetheless.
And you didn't drive it back to Dallas to give me a ride? :(
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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