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so i was filling my gas...

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and the girl in car next to mine came running out while i was washing my windows... said that the gas is coming out~~~

i was like.... What??
i look.... there was gas all over the place....
gas was leaking out of the side....
everything... sheesh it seemed like forever, but i did manage to get the nozzle out and the gas stop flowing..

geeze when i pulled out the nozzle.... the gas kept coming out... it was horrible...

i pulled out of the station and the car kept stalling....... i have a '00 gls tip.....
and it kept stalling....

so i parked it on the side...... trying to waste gas for about 10-15 mins and the idle was was unstable.... kinda crazy...... cel came on..
and everything..... after gas was back to normal amount the cel went out....
but whew.....
it was crazy~

i went to get a wash right after... but i think the paint was already getting weird... sigh.....

any idea as to the paint? it's kinda melting yet .... still there...

gonna get a vag soon to check out if any other trouble....

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most likely you flooded your overflow resivoir which i believe contains charcoal & etc. CEL was probably triggered by the fumes evaporating (much like when you don't tighten the cap well). Honestly dude, you should have asked to speak to the manager of the station right away because their pump is defective if it isn't shutting off once it fills up. They should be responsible for the damages.

I'd be going after the gas station for a faulty pump...
Mind you, you should've done that when it happened. It might be hard to prove at this point.

Generally, gas won't burn your paint if you wash it off right away.

Jimmy :)
Sorry, but you will have a hard time going after the gas station for this. The automatic shutoff is a safety feature but is not guaranteed to work everytime and is not substitute for watching your car fill up. This has happened to many people before at many pumps and the customer is ALWAYS at fault and usually asked to pay for the clean-up. I repeat...the gas station is NOT responsible for the automatic shut-off not working, best to just consider this a lesson learned and use a different station from now on.
The same thing happned to me about 3 years ago. Gas just kept coming. I guess I spilled about a gallon on the car/ground. It's just a bad pump. From that point forward I always have my hand on the pump at all times.
And I thought youwere going to say you saw her. :lol:

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Rewax the area, I have never heard of gas taking paint off, especially if you washed it right away.
hrmmm i guess the paint was from the the previous owner.... ohs well

thanks all
Its a state law here in CT that you can't fill your car unattended. So even if they do have an automatic shutoff and a locking tab so it'll fill automatically, you're required to have your eye on the pump at all times. If the same legislation exists in IN, they'd most likely place the blame on you.
Its a state law here in CT that you can't fill your car unattended.
New Jersey they have the same law as well.
Tort law is still about extracting cash from folks because "someone should pay" when something goes wrong. I'm not saying I think that is in any way a good idea, but you probably can go after the gas station if you feel so inclined.

Ditto on the evaporative emissions being stuffed up with gas. A good reason not to 'top off' the tank. You won't get much more in and you risk expensive damage.
If you were in Oregon you could blame it on the kid who pumped your gas :thumbup: . No self serve there. :thumbdow: I try not to fill up in Or since they never click the cap enough :mad:

Paint should have been good unless someone put a cheap coat on it
So maybe this is the ONE saving grace for not being able to pump your own gas here in Oregon - they can't blame you if you were just sitting in your car. Not only is there no self-serve, but it's actually illegal to pump your own. Go figure.

Every time I drive to WA, I end up sitting in my car like a dufus, until it finally dawns on me the reason why nothing is happening. :oops:
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