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So I just pulled a deck out of a golf...

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I was helping my friend remove his Alpine head unit from his 2000 Golf, and I was woundering if it would fit in my 98 Passat? We took a few of the cords/cables out of the car too, including the mounting brackets. Anyone know what I need to do to remove my radio and hook the Alpine unit up? TIA
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check crutchfield...they have all the answers...most of the time
Should not be a problem at all if I understood your question correctly.
Mike, as long as the harnesses are the same (they should be) it's plug and play. I took the Sony out og my brother's 00 Jetta nd put it into his 98 B5 and we didn't have to rewire anything. HTH,

Paul :thumbup:
thanx for the help. I am gonna put it in tommorow.
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