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So i just got my control arms replaced... again

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2000 v6, had it for one year and just got it back for it's second new set of control arms (had cv boots and tie rods changed a few months before). After reading through the hundreds of posts w/ info on control arms i was wondering if there is anything I can do to keep those control arm bushings in good shape, like a spray/lube or something... any ideas? or should i just keep running them until they break and get the heavy duty ones from

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It seems kind of wild that you had to replace all twice in such a short time on a MY2000. The arms weren't as much of a problem after late MY99. I sympathize though. :beer:
I have read over on Audiworld forums about guys injecting the bushings with grease using a needle. I guess it quiets them down temporarily but haven't tried it.
i had the car towed in because the ignition switch was shot, i didnt even know or feel any problems with the control arms. knowing that the b5 is notorious for having fked up control arms i complained about clicking in the front end when i make turns or drive on uneven roads. They took a look and a test drive and decided to change em out for me... i guess im gonna have to keep my fingers crossed on this new set
You can help to extend the life of the boots on the control arms by spraying them with silicone once in a while. If cracking or hardening of the boot is the problem this might defer the onset of it. If it's already cracked, don't spray it, as the solvent in the spray will get down into the crack and disolve any grease in there.
sounds like a good idee ericpeterman thanks for the tip :thumbup:
hmmm....usually a clicking while turning is a cv joint going bad. But hey, if it went away with the replacement of the control arms, then I guess thats what it was.
Sorry to hear you are having problems.

Keep in mind there are two types of failures with these arms, one is in the ball joint end, which is not really repairable or preventable once the symptoms of a loose joint appear. The other (inner) end is the bushing end, which can still fail, but you can slow it some with a little TLC.

I always spray the bushings, ball joint boots and CV boots, etc. when I do an oil change, with silicon spray. Douse them until they absorb no more of the liquid and you are good to go. If the boots are already cracking, this will slow the process, but you will at least you need to address the issue at some point. If you hear the infamous clunking, you know the ball joints are already too far along. Typically, the bushing ends will squeek when they fail.

The clicking as you turn is likely a CV joint getting loose, get it before it explodes, like Boris just had happen.

The spray is helpful, but it works best when you start a regimen when the parts are new and still supple. The silicon tends to have the effect of soaking in enough to trap the natural lubricants in the bushing material. It really seems to have helped a lot over the 5 years I have had these cars, hope it will help you, too.

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