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and stumbled into a porn shop run by a PT Cruiser who just saw Fast n Furious...

Pictured here in a spot of daylight you can see the MSE is no ordinary estate car, in fact depending on the engine option chosen, it is capable of being the fastest car of it’s class in the world. Yet the MSE is also likely to appeal to a wider range of drivers since it combines performance with everyday practical features. The cars striking original styling will certainly draw attention and with 450bhp of fuel injected Chevrolet power, rear ground effect, 18” billet alloy wheels and huge ventilated brakes, there just isn’t going to be a much quicker way of doing your shopping or delivering those vital goods in style. Add to that the rear will fit all the luggage you are likely need for a week away in Monaco and still have space for the kids – should you wish to take them instead of the golf clubs!
The waiting list is open for a production of 25 cars per year. With any luck that production will never start.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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