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Snub Mount Question

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Are these engine mounts beneficial on a Tiptronic tranny? Most of the posts I read about them are from guys with 5-speeds, is vibration a problem on the automatics?
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Well the manual engine is more active than the tiptronic engine, i was always told any drivetrain slack/slop you remove helps the power to the wheels. Its cheep and easy and will not hurt anything. Go for it! :thumbup:
Vib can matter what snub you get, use APR's install steps 16-20. I recommend the Autotech or Greespeed ones, both are under $20 and excellent.
There was too much increase in vibration to justify what little benefit that I could feel, even after playing with the alignment of the mount frame. I installed the Greedspeed mount, so it didn't cost me much when I took it out a week latter. IMO... not a good mod for a Tip.
I have the greedspeed mount on my tiptronic 1.8T. If improperly adjusted the vibration can be noticeable, and cold weather intensifies the affects. For me, driving is more enjoyable since the engine moves less now, and I am not as worried about breaking a side engine mount(broke one before), or the CAT. Mine also vibrated a lot more when I was running iridium sparkplugs, but smoothed back when I switched back to the stock Bosch plugs.
Is this the greedspeed snubmount you're referring to? Audi A4 Quattro B5 1.8t&cat=11
My wifes 1.8T has somemuch vibration, now I realize why her turbo cracked. Just installed a k04, so I need to protect it.
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