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1999 b5 1.8t 896xx miles
I went and got my first oil change done scince owning the car today,i went to synthetic. When i came home i smelled something burning. (not the first time, but this was stonger) I pop the hood and there was a whiteish smoke coming out around or below behind the turbo area then it moved to the front of the trubo area. I dont see any visable leaks. Also after letting it cool down 5 minutes, i started it up again and let her idle, 5 minutes later the smoke was back but hardly noticable (kinda like steam coming off of a hot soup) This is really freaking me out. what could be down there that could be leaking, or was the mechanic really slopy

update: after she sat there for an hour i look under the car and there were 2 oil pools, one was about 2" by 2"the other 1" by 1" i drop the skid plate thing. A can't see where the oil originiats, but one is below the turbo, but the underside of the turbo is dry. the other is further back where i guess the transmission is.The oil pools are pretty clean oil, so i'm thinking the the synthetic oil is just too thin for the worn out seals on the car.

the smoke is coming out tof the same area as this guy's 1.8t
pic: pic
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