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Small Va. Beach GTG pics

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We had a small GTG here in VA. Beach with some local CB5 members: Me (leloz), Rico (PanaSSat24), Charlie (charliemirkle), and Fernando.

Here are some of the pics:

Sorry for the bad rolling shots Rico.. I was too slow to get the camera in the right focus. BTW.. your car is SLAMMMED with those ECS coilovers. Thanks for lunch and most of all thanks for getting us all together finally.

It was good meeting Charlie and Fernando. Charlie's Dolphin Grey A4 is just amazing!

I still haven't met Jamie (jarovw)!

See everyone in a month.. its off to London I go tomorrow.

Take care,
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Rico's car looks like sex when it's rolling... :bow:

Why to London? I'LL MISS YOU! :D
I<3myW8 said:
Why to London? I'LL MISS YOU! :D

To see my girl who is currently working at the British Museum till August.

Lookn' the rolling shots :thumbup:
nice :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Rich :wink:
Hey there Lelo, it was a good turn out even though the other dubbers left :weirdo: . its all good, we 4 made the gtg :lol: .

Thanks for the pics bro :wink:

Also i wish you a safe ride to and from London. Be safe :thumbup:
Lovin the pics with all four cars. Nothing like four awesome Dubs to make my day!

-Wapptor (looks fun)
Thanks! My Passat is all locked up indoors awaiting my return :thumbup:

We need to have more GTGs when I get back :thumbup:
Lookin good :thumbup:

By the way those VZ's look great.
nice rolling shots! :thumbup:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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