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(small) Project update: engine wiring harness!

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FYI, SLAB's project involves putting a "3B" 20V turbo into an Audi 90 Quattro.

this weekend i removed the wiring harness from the doner car.

this is MUCH harder than it seems!

the ECU harness is ONE piece....meaning half exends into the engine compartment (that part took all of 10 minutes to free up) and te other half snakes through the dashboard, into the instrument cluster, and into the fuse grid and relay panel on the driver's side of the car.

the ECU is on the PASSENGER side of the foot, LOTS of wires!

the passenger compartment side of the harness took FOREVER to free....

then all of it fed through one hole in the firewall...

soeey, but no pics of this

NEXT: engine disassembly, rebuild, and reassembly!
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Sounds like fun :p
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