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Should have joined earlier + no start

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I've been looking through the site. It has the potential to be very useful. I should have joined long ago.
I think that this is not the place to post my current problem.
However, I will mention it, and continue looking through posts to find possible answers.

My 1999 (B5) Passat does not start - no crank - no click. Also, the relevant fuse keeps blowing.
The usual suspects (including at least battery, starter) have been vindicated by local mechanics.
They think there is a short somewhere, but they are having great difficulty finding it.

I'm glad to be here. Any similar experience might be helpful. Thanks. -G
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I am new to this forum as well. Buying 2013 Passat SE tomorrow.
I will post my question in electrical. I would like to change the radio head to one that includes a backup camera.
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