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To make a long story short I just drove all over town to find a
replacement for my lower taillight light. The parking filliment is good, but the brake filliment is bad.

I got some 1157s and the dimple is about 10 degrees off of the housing, not letting me slide the bulb in.


I asked a dude @ Autozone to look up my part and he said it doesnt exist, try the 1157. By this time I'm hot. :mad:

I went to the car and got my parts, and returned to challenge him to fit an 1157 bulb in my socket. ho ho ho!

Couldn't do it, could ya, fasto?

Of all the things I've done to my car, this is the frist time I'm actually angry.

Is there a secret VW bulb for this, or do I just have to shave the dimple off?


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The double fillament bulbs are P21/4W Euro bulbs. They are available from Osram (#7225) or Philips (#12594). Just get them at the dealer if you have a hard time. They are also available from Narva, I forget the number tho. I believe Advance Auto Parts has the Osram bulbs.
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