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On my way out to L.I today saw a silver b5 that that looked like it had flipped numerous times, all air bags were deployed all pillars were crushed. Car came to rest facing opposite the flow of traffic.

I saw a blond girl on the side sitting looking very upset holding her head near the ambulance, the road was pretty much shut down by highway right near where the cross island and grand central meet.

Memeber or not i pray whoever was in that car made it out alive, and i hope you and all your passengers are safe and healthy! :nervous:


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maniac_productions said:
:shock: hope they're ok...must have been going way too fast in queens for that to happen :eek:
Rollovers are actually pretty frequent in NYC...I've worked a few in my days as an EMT.

Hope they're all okay. Sounds like another B5 sacrificed itself to protect the occupants.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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