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Hey everyone, I'm selling my 03 Passat V6 GLX, the only reason is because I'm a truck man. I bought this passat a few months ago and love everything about it except that it isn't a truck, now i know a lot of people think i'm stupid for buying it but... well i am. So now i'm looking to sell it to some lucky person. This thing is great it has every option i could think of in it. Here are some pictures

It has 87000 miles on it, for options it has Climatronic, Tiptronic, Heated Seats, Kenwood Deck or factory deck or both,

Also to try and make this even better I will throw in 2 Tweleve inch subs and a amp for nothing

I wanted to try and get $13,000 for the whole thing but i don't really care anymore and I will take $12,000, I know it's only a thousand less but hey it's better than nothing i look at it.

Thanks for checkin it out and anyone with suggestions please feel free to let me have um.
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