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Self Tire Rotation

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So Front to back, same side right?
I figure, use the spare as a spotter tool so I dont need to use two jacks.


undo front(a)
put on spare.
undo back(b).
put on (a).
undo spare.
put on (b).

money in my pocket.

sound good?
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get real jack, jack up car (putting the jack under the round knob behind/under the front wheels which is meant for jacking), jack car up until both wheels are suspended, put jackstands in and chage. It won't hurt the car as thats the strongest part. Do not rotate tires with car on just the jack, use stands**
You can do that. I generally jack up one side of the car, using two jack stands, and the OEM jack as a backup. Jack stands are pretty cheap, and they come in really handy if you do brake work etc.

I only use the spare when I'm cross-rotating tires, so I can just use the jack on the opposite side, and leave the 2 jack stands in place on the side I start work.
COol , Ill get 2 jack stands, thanks guys.

Should I cross rotate?
I went to the archives and what I found was people just go back and forth.
triptronic said:
Should I cross rotate?
I went to the archives and what I found was people just go back and forth.
Better check your tires first and make sure not directional..... I always just go front to back regardless... And always on stands, never jack(s) alone...
i use two jack stands i bought and borrow two and just put the whole car in the air. seems to be the easiest way

also, i believe that radial tires should only be rotated front to rear, but im not positive on that. i rotate front to rear if anyone cares
I'm thinking about having my tires unmounted, remounted and balanced across the car to help combat some of the extra inside wear due to lowering. Anyone else do this to help extend the life of their tires?
I rotate with forward cross: FR to RR, FL to RL, RR to FL, RL to FR

Directional tires go front-to-rear.
Staggered sizes go side-to-side.
Directional tires + staggered sizes=badazz looks but new tires every 6 months!
^^I agree with JDigga.

Also, you can do a 4-tire cross rotate in 5 "jackings" using just one jack and the spare...

Spare --> FL
FL --> RL
RL --> FR
FR --> RR
RR --> FL
Spare --> Trunk (no jack needed)

Gurft - an unmount/remount to change which edge is inside/outside would help with uneven side-to-side wear. However, for people without "extreme" camber or toe, they may be better off leaving the inner/outer edges where they are (thereby changing the rolling direction when they cross-rotate) to reduce "feathering" of the tread, instead. It all depends on the individual's setup and tire choice.
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Also remember tyre rotation is one thing but its just as important to balance and align as well!
What a "jack" ass


I do my own rotations too, usually when doing oil changes.
The fear of cross rotation was a product of early radials that were not constructed as well and as tightly as todays radials. The tread plies would bias in the direction of their initial rotation after several thousand miles. Reversing their direction could cause higher stresses on the now out of place radial plies and cause separations (bubbles and subsequent failures). Todays radials are radically better constructed than the radials of your parents cars. In fact, most tire manufacturers now accept and recommend nearly all of the various rotation patterns including cross rotation. However, they also say that whatever pattern you choose initially, you should keep throughout the life of the tires.

I knew being a son of a tire dealer would come in handy someday :roll: :thumbup:


Carl III
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Nice to know :thumbup:
Good stuff guys!
I just have a small $15 floor jack. When I need to rotate, I borrow an additional jack from my neighbor. Works great. Lift up one side, spot with stands, swap front to back. Go to the next side. No involvement of the spare in the process. :)

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