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Today just seemed like a gorgeous day to do some maintenance. A beautiful, however windy, day, 75F (around 23C), nice sunshine with some light clouds, just perfect.
Not to mention the quarantine boredom got to me...

Figured the W8 would be the hardest one to do, just because of that god-awful cartridge filter it has. Turns out it was way easier than I had feared.

Then I moved on to the 1.8. Usually the easiest one to work on, as far as oil changes go. Unscrewed the drain plug, aaaaaand this happened.

Damn near rounded off the head, and the crush washer is absolutely mangled. (Side-note, never take your car to Wal-Mart for an oil change.)
Also, I've concluded that the 1.8T's drain plug was replaced at some point. It seems to screw in just fine but the head is imperial. (Hopefully they didn't hose up my plug threads..Thoughts?)

So now my W8 has no front wheel, and the 1.8T has no oil. Which leaves me with this.

Actually it looks more like this now

Power washers are awesome.
Also yes I attempted an oil change in 3 cars today... I got 1.
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