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The CCM harness connects to all four doors, and I'm not sure where else. But I suspect you'll have to pull the carpet, so everything will become evident.

There are connector stations beside the driver's left foot (remove two screws to expose) and by the passenger's right foot (similar arrangement), and for each rear door. The rear door connector stations are higher--just pull back the accordion to expose them. One plug is speakers, twisted pairs. The plug you want has a variety of wire sizes and just one twisted pair (the Comfort Canbus).

Any option is painful, but if you have just a few damaged pins in the CCM connector, be aware that VW sells a "repair wire." It's a short piece of yellow wire with the contact crimped on either end. You cut it in two and splice each half on to a damaged wire.

You might find a harness, but you'd be lucky to find one whole, and of the right trim line & year. And with good splices...

If you do repair, I suggest waterproof crimp splices, or crimp splices (butt splices) and adhesive lined (thus waterproof) heat shrink tubing. Soldering introduces stress points, and you run the risk of melting stuff.
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