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Saip problems/questions

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I recently replaced my saip and combi valve due to a p0411 code. Just a few days later I am showing this code again. The saip is working but when I feel the hose that goes into the air box it feels as if it is blowing air out. If I recall correctly it is supposed to sucking air in. I have to pass emissions in a month so I'm trying to get this resolved. Anybody know what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance
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OP, you said you replaced the combi valve and the SAIP (the pump/blower itself).

Beside those parts, the most common causes of SAIP system failure are:
  • The 373 relay in the ECM box that switches power to the SAIP--the contacts are rather small. Mine lasted 10 years. If yours hasn't been replaced, do it.
  • The SAIP fuse (40A) in the ECM box.
  • Vacuum hose between solenoid valve and combi valve. If it leaks, the combi doesn't open. The hoses kind of turn to plaster in their old age... See my DIY in the info base.
  • Plastic hose from SAIP to hard pipe (but you would noticed that).
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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