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RPM Up & Down

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I put my car on Park and the RPM started going up and down on its on and I could also hear my engine noise. It was strange. BTW It 2008 B6 2.0T @ 54K.

After few hours, I turned on my car again and I got Engine Check light. I took it to Close by AutoZone and they gave me two codes P0171 and P0507. They said its oxygen sensor or mass Air Flow Sensor.
Tomorrow morning, I am going to take it to the Dealership so they can check it out. But before I do that and before they take away all my money on service, is there something I can do to fix the issues by myself.
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Thanks guys for all your help. I just decided to take to the dealership so it would be quick for me since school were about to start.

They had to replace my Valves and my car was just little bit out of warranty so they did the work for $99 instead of $239. plus I got the car back same day without any appointments.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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