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Rough idle/ studder problem

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Ok i noticed it about a week ago, and then a few days ago the CEL came on, i havent had it diagnosed yet, but im hoping someone here can help me!!

Problem: When i start the car it idles normal for a few seconds, then goes down and idles rough for a few seconds, and then comes back up to normal.

Next. When i start off at low RPM;s in between 1 and 2000, i will accelerate at low throttle very smoothly... and it studders, as if i were jerking on and off of the gas. I does thiis in every gear but it is most noticable in 1st.

I have a boost gauge and everything seems to be ok there, i have just over 58K miles, APR chip, exhaust, downpipe, evo intake.

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I had the same problems,

First the idle cleared up when I cleaned my TB.

Second the studder was fouled plugs, you don't notice it when you get on the gas hard or to clear up the studder you punch it right?

Start with the plugs their quick and easy, and may fix your idle too.

matt i will check it out
how do you clean your throttle body?
Here are a few things to check:
-clean the throttle body.
-replace the plugs if you ran into some fouled gas/been a while since they've been replaced.
-Check and make sure all boost/intake/vacuum hoses are intact with no holes/deterioration.
-Make sure hose from airbox/intake to throttle is connected properly and secured.

To clean the throttle body, you have to remove it from the manifold and get some carb cleaner. Spray the butterfly valve and let it sit. After a few minutes, spray again and use a clean rag to wipe any oil and dirt debris out of the throttle. Once clean, spray again to get any residue out. Replace and do throttle body adaption or leave hood open, insert key, turn to on position, let sit for 3 mins. Then start car and let idle for a good 5 minutes. DO NOT REV the engine. Once done, go for a drive and see how it rides.

awesome scuba, i will do everything! I love this place
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