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Rotiform Cast BLQ Wheel 18” Machined silver

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Hey guys, hope you all had a safe and restful weekend!
I am planning to switch out my 235/40 R 19 92H stock rims with Rotiform 18x8.5 et35 5x100

At the website of UroTuning I have the option to choose different sizes on a drop down Menu. See attached image.
I just goggled my Rim size and Bolt pattern;
19x8 ET48 5x112
Can anyone confirm these numbers? Would that be my actual rim and bold pattern that I need to get?

I understand that I’m downgrading from 19” to 18” rim. My question here is, do i need to get right at my +40mm offset here? I wouldn’t mind being a little over (not flush) if space and Performance allows it!?

Thanks so much in advance! Would love to hear any suggestions, and or opinions 😃😎
Much appreciated!

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sorry about the late reply. Just been swamped with work so much. Thanks a bunch 🙏 I would have to do all that on the weekend. 10mm is not too bad. Definitely going to double check making sure it doesn’t look odd or interfere with anything in the wheel well etc.

i also came to think about the tire itself. Should I stick with the size and type of what’s installed right now or should I go low profile. Considering the streets here in LA, I probably won’t go less than what I have 😅

here are some images I took yesterday

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Dankeschön captainfantastic! Werde da ma heute Abend reinschauen 😀🙏
Update! first pair of wheels came in last Friday. Tomorrow the other two. Rotiform Blq 19x85 5x112 Silver Machines 45mm.
Not going to install them yet. I’m just going to wait until I get the car lowered.,Or should I put them on already to see where I’m going to be at when installing the coil overs?

hope everyone had a safe weekend!
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Update!!! soo... I decided to install the wheels before the lowering. Honestly, I couldn’t wait any longer 😁 I installed then without any spacers. Out the box and on the car. Here are some images.


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