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Hey, so im planning to buy new rims for my passat b5.5 2002 stock suspension. So i found rims R17 ET40 8J. I need to know if they will fit and look. Is spacers option here? And second about tyres - 215 or better 225 with 45 width. Thanks
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225/45/17 is the OEM size in 17" for the B5.5. Same overall diameter as the 15" and 16" stock sizes. ET30-35 would be better. Make sure you get ones with a 57.1mm center bore or centering rings in that dimension.
For example i found r17 et29 7.5j, those will fit without problems ? Like how faar out they could be before fender
Here's a good site to figure that out. Short answer is that it should be fine. Just need to know your stock wheel dimensions to compare.
Okay i got the rims now its time for tyres but i have no clue which ones to get my stock rims with tyres was r15/195/65. Now i need to chose between r17 215/45 or 215/50 or 225/45 or 225/50 any reccomendations??
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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