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rieger side skirt

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I'm deciding whether to get the rieger sideskirts on my car. Does anyone have pics of how they look like on their car. thanx
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Ok there was a person from Denmark who had a green Passat Varient the same color as Rusty's ride(Rusty is the Club B5 of the month)

He did have the side skirts, look around through the first 5 pages of this forum, sorry I cant give you a link but I do remember seeing his car, it was seriously nice.

Someone else will forsure give you the link.

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you can get them from for $175/side
schmove said:
That is the exact one I was thinking of, I thought he was from Denmark, but he is from Norway.

Thanks Schmove!

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I just bought them from RPI-Equipped for $240.00 for both. They were on special so I had to grab them for that price. They came in within 4 days...Monday morning my car is going to the body shop... :)
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