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Rhythmic noise front passenger wheel well?

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Hiya! Long time no see. Have an ‘03 1.8 turbo sedan. The other day I had a rhythmic rub sound from the front passenger wheel area, slowing down and then slowly speeding up, like something was coming around and rubbing against something else on each revolution. Fine at speed. Next day I was going to try to record it, and of course nothing. Today I didn’t try to record because I was satisfied that maybe I had a chunk of ice or something and I threw it while driving at speed, and of course, noise is back. Only now at speed and not when slow through the village. Kind of a “tock... tock... tock... tock...” as the wheel rotates, changing in frequency (“tock tock tock tocktocktocktock) with speed traveled. No noticeable odd vibrations in steering wheel. I’m going to check the bearings tomorrow with 3 and 9 wiggle, and spin for noises. Tie rod ends are new within the past year and change. Anything else I should look at/for? And safe to drive?

Thanks in advance.
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Look for a rock caught in the tread.
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