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Rhythmic boosting

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I just replaced my seized ko3 with a ko4 as a first step to what I'm sure will be a long line of modifications to my 01'. First thing I noticed was the intermittent boosting I was experiencing. If I eased into the throttle it will be fine until I hit about 2500-3000 rpms then it start bucking forward. With each "boost cycle" it would gradually increase in speed while doing so. I don't have a guage yet but I will soon as it is hard to decipher what is going in with my turbocharger. I unplugged my n75 and that stopped the intermittent boost but I also didn't have near as much. I can hear my turbo spool but it sounds like a shhhh.... Shhhh... Shhh... With each spool lasting about 3 seconds. Any help would be appreciated.
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Are you tuned? And if u are is it for a k03? I think you may need the right tuning, a k04 should run on stock programing. Just not a tuned k03 program. I ran my k04on stock tune for almost a year.

The only time I had bucking problems was when I had abad mar also. Maybe even check for boost leaks.

But you should def get a boost gauge asap
It's not tuned. Just stick ecu. I'm starting to think its a dv problem rather than a maf problem, getting a forge or possibly a splitter. The car is 13 years old and while cleaning the maf (with isopropyl) I noticed everything above the filter was spotless! I'll post a video with a guage within in week to show what I'm working with. I'll be doing a boost leak test as well, I am getting an emissions workshop and o2 code on my vagcom.
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